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FactFirst.AI provides a SaaS platform and services that enable publishers to write unique articles that reference and cite chosen sources. Utilizing the capabilities of large language models and Generative AI, this platform provides recommendations and allows for edits prior to publication. The objective of FactFirst.AI is to streamline the research and writing process, ensuring the production of reliable and high-quality content grounded in selected references.

FactFirst.AI Platform

Problem statement

Every vertical news publisher, newspaper, digital magazine, newsletter publisher, content creator and blogger is trying to figure out how to use AI to do more with fewer resources

Publications using Generative AI to help write articles without citing sources are making their content generic and untrustworthy

FactFirst.AI Value Proposition

FactFirst.AI revolutionizes the article creation process, setting a new standard for quality and accuracy. 

Save time

Enables publishers to leverage
Generative AI LLM’s to write articles for instant, customized publications.

Build trust

Seamlessly reference and cite reputable sources to enhance authority and transparency

Increase site traffic

Articles imbed key words to boost SEO rankings which maximizes site visibility for increased engagement


Articles can be adapted in tone, style, format and length to appeal to intended audience

Simplify workflow

Seamless integration with your platform for effortless article publishing


Fact First.AI stands out for its commitment to using verified, factual sources, ensuring the reliability and authenticity of its content.

Our Team

Founded by publishers, Built by AI experts, Operating at scale 

FactFirst.AI was founded by a highly seasoned team of technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and leading publication owners with a core mission - driving factual, effective, quality first content in critical media markets. Al has the power to transform, inform, and make the distribution of content and data more streamlined than ever. But it also must have fact and quality at its core - for trust to be maintained, and its users to drive value and efficiency in their organizations. This is our fundamental mission and focus, and the core founding principles of the FactFirst.AI team

Frequently Asked Question

Users will choose sources from the web, upload content (word document, PDF, audio file) or write original content to be used in the article creation process.

Yes, the user is able to edit the article within the AI Generator tool. We believe the capability and options of Human user involvement, and final editorial privileges ensures the optimal combination of accuracy and speed.

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